Learn to shoot film with our #FirstRollChallenge
Photos by Kirk Mastin
At Mastin Labs our goal is not to replace film, but introduce a new generation of photographers of all levels to its beauty and timelessness through true-to-film presets for Lightroom. Our hope is that people unfamiliar with the look of real film will fall in love with... Read More »
How Transitioning to Film Changed My Photography Business
Mastin Labs #FirstRollChallenge: Transitioning to Film Words and photos by Katy Cox  I have used Mastin Labs for a couple of years now. Like a lot of others, I really started to see consistency and “find” myself as a photographer by using Mastin. Even though I... Read More »
Becoming a Hybrid Photographer
Mastin Labs #FirstRollChallenge Words and photos by Emma Rose ​​I started my photography journey just over a year ago. At that time I saw something on Facebook about Mastin Labs. I followed the group for a very short time before purchasing the presets. I... Read More »
First Roll Challenge: Soften your hard digital heart
Mastin Labs #FirstRollChallenge Words and photos by Natalie Macintyre There are so many film-developing companies out there and when I was looking into who to send my first roll of film to it became apparent that the FIND lab was who I wanted to go with. Their... Read More »
Join Mastin Labs and The Find Lab at WPPI 2017
We're excited to announce we will be back in Las Vegas for WPPI 2017! This year, WPPI will be hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 5th through 9th. Get 15% off all our presets until February 13th by clicking here for WPPI! We officially partnered with... Read More »
First Roll Challenge: Nuances of the tones
Mastin Labs #FirstRollChallenge Words and photos by Giuseppe Pagnoni Having shot film last time twenty years ago (on a beloved Minox 35 GL, "lost" in a trip to Cuba), I was nostalgically enthused by Kirk's suggestion to load up a 400 ISO neg and shoot away... Read More »
Our Favorite Social Media Tools for Photographers
Photo by Mel Defazio with Filmborn
Being a successful photographer requires more than just taking great photos. Even some of the most talented photographers never get their big break because their work is simply not seen. One of the best business decisions a photographer can make is to maximize their... Read More »
Why Shooting Film Makes You A Stronger Photographer
Mastin Labs #FirstRollChallenge Words and photos by Mauricio Rojas of Morris & Sue Man, where do I start. Shooting film for the first time in god knows how many years was awesome! Granted, it was not my first roll of film ever, but these frames truly represent... Read More »
Why you matter as a photographer
ryan flynn, seattle wedding photographer, seattle weddings, mastin labs, hybrid photography
Images by Ryan Flynn,
I’m half tempted to just let the words, “you matter” be the only words in this entire post. Simplicity is everything, right? Straight and to the point. Just, “you matter”, and that’s it. Because honestly, that’s the truth of it. That’s the truth I wish... Read More »
Habits Are Greater Than Goals: The #myphotohabit Contest
Photo by Nikki Barron using Delta 3200 on Filmborn
I love New Year Resolutions. I'm a sucker for a good goal, and I love the neat box a New Year Resolution comes packaged in. I would classify myself as a high performer which, for me, means I ring in every year by making a lot of resolutions. One of my resolutions last... Read More »