Tips for Working With Animals At A Photoshoot

photo by Lucas Ottone
Including animals in a photo shoot is a common request in photography. And for the couple that’s requesting, it’s usually a pretty big deal that the furriest (and usually slobbery-est) member of the family is not left out. When you can win over man’s best friend,... Read More »

Understanding Depth of Field

As a landscape photographer, you capture sweeping images of oceans capes, mountainsides, skylines, and wilderness. Your photos thrive on dramatic details viewed from close up and far away; trees, birds, blades of grass are brought into focus to set the perfect stage.... Read More »

How to Create an Inclusive Brand Voice

Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to take a stance on inclusion. The sad truth is this: Inclusion is not a given. Promoting diversity in the workplace and supporting equal treatment and opportunity for people of all identities is something that we work to... Read More »

Using Instant Film Cameras On A Wedding Day

An instant film camera might not be the first camera you think of bringing with you when you’re hired to shoot a wedding, but you should consider it. Instant film has a rich history, a fun, nostalgic reputation, and can ultimately bring more benefits to your business... Read More »

We’ve Updated All of Our Presets!

We are beyond excited about the new updates to our entire suite of presets! We've spent the last three months rebuilding our presets from the ground up and we can't wait to see what you think. Guided by your feedback and utilizing our proprietary color science,... Read More »