First Roll Challenge: The Gift of the Camera

Mastin Labs #FirstRollChallenge Words and photos by Erica Sheedy   While working at a dermatology office, a patient and I were talking during her surgery and she ended up finding out I loved photography. The next time she came in, she brought me her old film... Read More »

How to Become A More Confident Photographer

Have you ever been offered a photo job and turned it down because you weren’t confident that you’d be good enough? Has your fear of embarrassment kept you from challenging yourself and earning a much-needed paycheck? Have you hesitated to increase your prices year... Read More »

Strategies for Time Management for Photographers

From above hands of designer sitting at table with laptop and photos and writing plan
When it comes to over-scheduling, photographers are some of the worst offenders. While some seasons (weddings *cough*) demand extra time, feeling overworked, frantic, and exhausted does not have to be a daily reality. With just a few time management strategies, you can... Read More »