(Video) The Intersection of Love and Photography

Photography is a powerful tool to encourage acceptance among people. It's a tool to teach empathy. I believe people sometimes don't have empathy because they don't have exposure to positive representations of those who aren't like them. Today, on Valentine's Day,... Read More »

Tips for Creating Your First Styled Shoot

Whether you are new in your career, just beginning to build up your business and create your brand, or more established, consistently shooting dream jobs and working full-time as a photographer, you have likely seen images that make you stop in your... Read More »

Lessons Learned From the Mastin Labs Community

Year's end is a time for reflection. As we reflected over our personal and professional growth, we also reflected on the evolution of our Mastin Labs community with pride. Over the past year, we have seen our community grow in leaps and bounds; we’ve seen new... Read More »

5 Books Every Photographer Should Read

Kirk Mastin with photography books from his personal collection.
Whether you just purchased your very first digital camera, or you are a world-renowned, seasoned photographer, being a photographer means being a lifetime student. Photography is both art and science. As such, no two photographers have the same relationship with... Read More »

Why Styled Shoots are Like Big Game Hunts

Styled shoots, for the most part, do not make you a better photographer.   I know this is not going to be a popular post. But hear me out. What I'm going to say comes from a place of love and experience. And I want you to succeed in photography. In much the... Read More »

Why I Shoot with Only One Focal Length

Photo by Caroline Tran.
When I first started in photography, I had this weird idea that I needed to cover every focal length range with my lens kit. I convinced myself that I needed to get ANY shot possible at ANY moment. At one point in my career I carried this to every shoot:... Read More »

Fuji 160ns vs Fuji 160ns Pushed

Edited with Mastin Labs Fuji 160ns +1.
When we created our Fuji Pushed Preset pack recently, we conducted comparison tests based on real film. We compare our presets to real film to ensure that our digital presets are the most accurate film-emulation presets that exist. You may be asking yourself, "What... Read More »

Fuji 400h vs Fuji 400h Pushed

Mastin Labs Fuji 400h +2. Photo by Kathryn Denelle Stevens
As promised, we're continuing to share the what the brand new Mastin Labs Fujicolor Pro Pushed preset pack looks like. And, what it looks like compared to our original Fuji Preset pack. We are so excited to offer our pushed presets for Fuji Color Pro, not only... Read More »