Why I Shoot with Only One Focal Length

Photo by Caroline Tran.
When I first started in photography, I had this weird idea that I needed to cover every focal length range with my lens kit. I convinced myself that I needed to get ANY shot possible at ANY moment. At one point in my career I carried this to every shoot:... Read More »

Fuji 160ns vs Fuji 160ns Pushed

Edited with Mastin Labs Fuji 160ns +1.
When we created our Fuji Pushed Preset pack recently, we conducted comparison tests based on real film. We compare our presets to real film to ensure that our digital presets are the most accurate film-emulation presets that exist. You may be asking yourself, "What... Read More »

Fuji 400h vs Fuji 400h Pushed

Mastin Labs Fuji 400h +2. Photo by Kathryn Denelle Stevens
As promised, we're continuing to share the what the brand new Mastin Labs Fujicolor Pro Pushed preset pack looks like. And, what it looks like compared to our original Fuji Preset pack. We are so excited to offer our pushed presets for Fuji Color Pro, not only... Read More »

First Roll Challenge: The Gift of the Camera

Mastin Labs #FirstRollChallenge Words and photos by Erica Sheedy   While working at a dermatology office, a patient and I were talking during her surgery and she ended up finding out I loved photography. The next time she came in, she brought me her old film... Read More »

How to Become A More Confident Photographer

Have you ever been offered a photo job and turned it down because you weren’t confident that you’d be good enough? Has your fear of embarrassment kept you from challenging yourself and earning a much-needed paycheck? Have you hesitated to increase your prices year... Read More »