14 Tips on Taking Photos in Harsh Sunlight

Photo by Sydney Morgen
As a photographer, it’s your job to capture the subject in front of you and the mood of the day. This can be especially difficult when you learn that dreamy outdoor wedding you were so excited to shoot is happening at noon on a scorching hot day in August; or... Read More »

Tips for Posing Same Sex Couples

As a seasoned wedding, engagement and family photographer, you’ve spent years perfecting the way you capture love; images of the rings, the veil, the kiss, you have your shot lists down to a science. But with the surge in same-sex marriage across the country, it’s... Read More »

5 Photography Website Must-Haves

Photo by Hex.
Building a website can be a daunting task for photographers. While photographers are exceptional visual artists, that skill doesn’t always translate into an effective website. Between hand-selecting your favorite images, choosing a design layout, and learning the... Read More »

Tips for Travel Photography

If you follow our blog, you know that at every opportunity we encourage photographers to travel. Getting outside of a familiar neighborhood, city, culture, and social circle can help photographers open their eyes to new ways to shoot, ward off burnout, and enhance... Read More »

Strategies for Time Management for Photographers

From above hands of designer sitting at table with laptop and photos and writing plan
When it comes to over-scheduling, photographers are some of the worst offenders. While some seasons (weddings *cough*) demand extra time, feeling overworked, frantic, and exhausted does not have to be a daily reality. With just a few time management strategies, you can... Read More »