First Roll Challenge: The Gift of the Camera

Mastin Labs #FirstRollChallenge
Words and photos by Erica Sheedy


While working at a dermatology office, a patient and I were talking during her surgery and she ended up finding out I loved photography. The next time she came in, she brought me her old film camera and gave it to me which was so sweet!! That was about a year and a half ago and, since then, I’ve always been excited to actually use the camera, especially because of how I love the look of film and have been using Mastin Labs presets, but didn’t feel like I had the time to try and learn. Finally this summer, I got to break it out and follow Mastin’s blog post on shooting for your first time!

I shot this roll using a Canon EOS 650 with Fuji Superia 400 scanned by The Find Lab. I was so nervous to get my scans back because I had no idea how my shots were coming out. I tried a variation of shutter speeds, sometimes on the same shot, because I was trying to experiment and see how well the meter in the camera worked and also tried the recommendations from the blog post. I thought for sure at least a handful would be totally blown out, but I am so impressed at how well the shots came out and how much detail is still in the highlights! It isn’t anything special, just shots around my house and down by the beach but I loveeee how the roll came out and will definitely be shooting more film in the future! Let me tell you, my dog looks good on film. Sending love and thanks to both The Find Lab and Mastin Labs for the encouragement and for expanding my love of photography!


Mastin Labs

Mastin Labs

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