Ilford Photo Week: Live Edit

From the glowing graininess of Delta 3200, to the deep tones of Pan F, this preset pack emulates Ilford’s modern black and white films and is perfect for everything from fine art to photojournalism. Now through June 25th all current Mastin Labs users get 20% off this iconic black and white look.

Join me as I edit community submitted photos with our Ilford black and white presets.


In this video I cover:

  • The differences of each film included in the Ilford Black and White Pack
  • What a red, green and yellow filter will do to black and white photos
  • The differences in grain sizes between 35mm and Medium Format
  • What Warm Tone, Cool Tone and Neutral Tone Paper is.

Before and after images from this video:

Photo by Jon Duenas | Straight out of Camera (left) and edited with Ilford Delta 3200 (right)
Photo by Kirk Mastin | edited with Ilford Pan F (left) and Ilford Pan F + Yellow Filter (right)
Photo by Kirk Mastin | Straight Out of Camera (left)  and edited with Ilford Pan F + Yellow Filter + Warm Tone Paper
Kirk Mastin
Kirk Mastin is the founder and CEO of Mastin Labs. He has shot for the New York Times, LA Times, and has work featured in National Geographic Adventure and Time magazine. Prior to founding Mastin Labs in 2013, Kirk shot weddings on digital and film with his company Mastin Studio.