Ilford Photo Week: An Interview with Sharalee Prang

Sharalee Prang is a storytelling photographer from small-town British Columbia; living the homesteading life on my downtime, heading into the big city to shoot weddings, families and commercial work.

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Ilford Photo Week

M: How do you choose what will be black and white vs. color? Do you decide before you shoot or after?

S: When planning to shoot black and white, I look for contrast…for deep shadows and areas where the light really highlights the subject. I like the way black and white seems to simplify everything. Even in a cluttered image, it draws your eye to what’s important, whether it be the movement or the stillness.

M: Do you have a favorite black and white photographer? Who is it and why?

S: Devin Allen‘s black and white’s of Baltimore, Niki Boon‘s family work and I am loving Garry Winogrand‘s street photography.


M: Do you have any personal projects in black and white currently?

S: I just bought a point and shoot film camera (Yashica T3) and have been using it to document my family’s day to day on black and white film.

M: Which preset within the Mastin Labs Ilford pack is your go to and why?

S: Pan-F is my favorite, hands down.

Mastin Labs

Mastin Labs

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