Automated Email Marketing for Photographers: From Wedding to Baby

When you are hired by a couple to photograph their wedding, it’s important to recognize the prospective long-term value of that relationship. Every new client represents a potential lifelong customer. With editing, billing, sending prints, and all the various tasks involved in wrapping up a wedding, following up with your clients on a regular basis may feel like a daunting task. Thankfully, there are tools that can help automate this process and ensure that your clients keep you top of mind with each passing milestone.

By simply adding your clients to an email list as part of your post-wedding workflow, you can make the follow-up process easy, and increase your chance of earning repeat customers.

All it takes is a smart series of emails that are timely, to the point, and specific to the likely needs of your client.

Nurture a lifelong client from first contact, and let an automated system do much of the work for you by following this simple formula for writing follow up emails.


The emails outlined in our free downloadable PDF, Automated Client Engagement: From Wedding to Baby, should act as guidelines. Depending on your state, type of photography, and your experience with couples that hire you, you may want to tweak the timeline or offers.

The key of client automation isn’t to be lazy; it is an easy follow-up to help you remind couples of the importance of documenting each vital stage in life and to do it in a way that doesn’t interrupt your workflow. The couples that hire you to photograph their wedding place their trust in you, and receive beautiful photographs in return.

Touching base with these couples, and continuing to offer them your services as they experience new once-in-a-lifetime moments is truly a win-win. You earn a client from wedding to baby (or for life!), and they are gifted meaningful photographs to cherish for a lifetime.