Mobile Photography on a Wedding Day
by Christina Blanarovich

Clients have come to expect instant previews of their wedding photos (even with setting expectations). Often they will put up a blurry, over-processed iPhone photo from a friend as a profile pic immediately after the wedding and even when you send them a gallery, they don’t change it because they don’t have it as a priority at that point in time. So, how do you stay true to the time frame of film photography, but still manage your clients’ need for instant gratification? Enter: FILMBORN and my iPhone.


Filmborn is an amazing new iPhone app that does so much more than just edit photos to look like film. It allows the user incredible control over the camera, getting the photo “right” in-camera, which means a better photo and less editing needed. On a wedding day, this means I can shoot fast, edit fast, and deliver exceptional digital previews to my clients without pulling out a digital camera (which I try to avoid because it’s just not how I want to shoot).

My iPhone Workflow

I shoot my film shot…my assistant hands me my iPhone… I take the digital shot… I keep going… REPEAT. During dinner, I tweak and edit… I use an Instax mini printer to print out the photos and deliver a stack of film prints in a custom designed leather satchel to my clients at the end of the night. In addition, I email my clients the digital photos so they can share them on IG and FB! It’s a win-win!

Clients never realize I am shooting with my iPhone and love the surprise at the end of the night! They share, tag me, and when the film photos come, tend to share even more because they are blown away at the quality. Such a simple tool has become a HUGE marketing tool for me!

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