Mastin Labs Fujicolor Original Pack

The Mastin Labs Fuji Pro Pack contains film emulsions from Fuji’s most advanced color negative films. Fuji 160NS is a cool biased, versatile film with medium contrast, and beautiful blue and green rendering. Fuji 400H is known for a unique airy pastel look,... Read More »

Mastin Labs Portra Original Pack

The Mastin Labs Portra Pack contains film emulsions from Kodak’s most advanced set of color negative films: Portra 160, Portra 400, and Portra 800. Portra films are known for their excellent skin tones and natural warmth, which makes this series of film the most... Read More »

Mastin Labs Ilford B&W Pack

Ilford black and white films are the most advanced B&W films in the industry. From the glowing graininess of Delta 3200, to the practical and honest look of HP5, Ilford B&W films are perfect for everything from fine art to photojournalism. Films... Read More »